Sadhguru on Aryan Migration and Dravidian Culture – Rare Video | 2012 – Mahabharat Event
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Sadhguru on Aryan Migration and Dravidian Culture – Rare Video | 2012 – Mahabharat Event

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Please do Subscribe for more Content A participant of the Isha Mahabharat Event, which happened on 2012, asks Sadhguru a question that, Why is there some … .


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46 thoughts on “Sadhguru on Aryan Migration and Dravidian Culture – Rare Video | 2012 – Mahabharat Event

  1. I disagree with Aryan Dravidian concept. I think the Out of India Theory should have a respectable case to stand as opposition.
    Let the right theory fight and then we will decide if it is true or not.

  2. When I try to understand past unbiasedly I can figure out only one thing that is past is only a story,and no story is worth dying for…
    Shouldn't we study history for understanding the evolution and not to prove some races as superior and others as inferior…..

  3. what the hell he is saying first he says shiva coin was found in indus ( which is a recorded truth) then he says aryans who spoke sanskrit such a scientific language in which all the shiv mantras chants are written and called them uncivilised and nomads then how did they knew such a scientific language.

  4. If RAVANAN wanted he could have killed

    Because he was most powerful person was his friend
    And he had the most Powerful army
    But decided to accept his fate because the mistake was made by his childish sister
    And rams childish brother
    But that won't be darmam

  5. If Tamilians where not travelers why then do 10% of native Australians have Tamilian gene- similarly reverse audio recordings of the speech of naive Australians one will here them talk of shiva and vishnu..Perhaps the truth is that Tamilian do have a ancient navigational history- associated with easten Africa and sunken Islands in the Indian oceans and beyond into the Indonesian- Australia's.

  6. What the hell is he even talking about? This is bullshit, I mean never expected this from him. I cannot even comprehend why so many South Indians and North Indians are so divided and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because they let themselves believe in lies. Like the aryan invasion. I mean just, what is this madness?

  7. I am really sorry for south people who helped Rama 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳.
    At age 25 I get to know about my country well.

  8. I would like to dedicate these lines to Jaggi from a peom-
    नस्लो का करे जो बटवारा
    रहबर वो धर्म का ढोंगी है

  9. They push them to the south, they push them to the south 🤣🤣 why Jaggi?? If u were powerful then were u pushed. See the irony, Today he is delivering his speeches in Germanic language- English ha ha. Why Jaggi?? Because you need money from rest of the world

  10. I used to believe this man before he started fabrication of his own narratives. Tomorrow he will come and say Lord Shankar (Siva) was born in Tamilnadu and used to speak Tamil language due to the fact Sadhguru was born there. It will be better to believe the fact that all men are equal, who came first who came last how does it matter? Stop following Sadhguru and his feudal theories. See other side of story, Invaders were powerful to invade, why were you not because you were not capable. Remember, survival of fitest theory, you were neither fit then nor now

  11. Aryan Invasion Theory is wrong! South and North people of India are of the same race! I respect Sadhguru, but I don't believe that he can be right about everything. He is is wrong here! Happy Independence Day!🙏🇮🇳❤️ Jai Hind

  12. I respect Sadhguru but what he saying is baseless…… Ravan was born in north !! Near noida …. Then how ravan is your Dravidian …. This are all the lies Britishers and mughals stored in your mind

  13. Cuantas ilusiones nos han dogmatizado, acepto hoy el desapego, me resulta dificil no preguntarme "para que Todo ? ", amare siempre mas un dulce acto de afecto que el dinero, el oro fue creado para brillar al sol , me siento agradecida por la vida que elegi, me he levantado mas veces de las que recuerdo, pero ver la inocencia y pureza de mis hijos ( de la vida en verdad …jajaja ) me demanda alegria .AUN AHORA AQUI EL DESTINO NO SE TERMINO DE ESCRIBIR, AMO LA HUMANIDAD, SI DESEARA UNA SOLA COSA SERIA QUE TODAS Y TODOS SE VEAN LO HERMOSO QUE SOMOS. GRATITUD A TI MAESTRO ESPIRITUAL. CONSERVAS TU NIÑO AUN EN LA FUENTE. URUGUAY PRECISA QUE LO VEAS EN EL MUNDO. danshavaad

  14. Truth is bitter, lies are sweet but Truth has to triumph . India has never reconciled with this. A mere mention of this topic will be met with outright rejection.
    In this age of revelation nothing will be hidden.

  15. Nomadic Aryans have written huge texts and had a brought culture while non-nomadic Dravidians have no ancient culture, wow!
    Is not this illological

    Compare Tirukural and Manu Samhita once please! Racism division is completely out of context if you say that over generations, they lived in North, then they came down. How will then all colour at once be black? Are all down black? Are all up white?

    Kunti burnt down 5 sons of Nishadas, come on sir, we have respected you for so long.

  16. Ha ha… What a joke Sadhguru..As per science humans originated from Africa, how come the European get fair skin based on your analysis.. human physical abilities change based on what they eat,where they stay.. you are contradicting your self…

  17. Oh Damn!
    It means according to him ARYANS are the people from outside India, Then It means that Ram and Krishna Also Aryans !!!
    Then y the hell he considers them their deities !!
    He should not be worshipping them coz Invaders Right!!!
    None of his words are true…
    The Truth is we all are ARYA from North to South and East to West.. Yes we all Indians are Aryans … even Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are Aryans coz they were the Part of Akhand Bharat..
    Word ARYAN itself is derived from the Sanskrit Word ARYA which means 'NOBLE PEOPLE'.
    And Dravidian is not a race it is jst refered as the group of people belonging to Dravid region.
    The word DRAVID means The place were three coasts meet that is south India where east coast, west coast and the southern most tip of Indian Coast meet..
    This Rubbish Theory of Aryans V/s Dravidian was coined by Britishers in order to divide people within one country…
    But Unfortunately this Falsy theory is also accepted by such wise man.. I really didn't expected this from him..🙁

  18. Even ravan was. Born in north india so called noida uttar pradesh..that means ravan was too aryan
    Sorry to correct u sadhguru ..there were no word that race calked aryan nd dravidian ..arya mean gentle
    Dravidan word came from shankarcharya…

  19. I have watched so many videos of sadhguru …this is the first time I will disagree with him….even Ravan was Born in North near Delhi..Ram and Krishna both by Vedic documents are dark skinned people…word Kishna literally means black..even draupadi was dark skinned women …TV serial might cast fair skinned people but in reality all of this major deities are dark skinned..Aryan invasion theory is fake and it is proved my genetic study by hueston University.

  20. Was Krishna too a Rakshasa because he too was dark skin ?? The DNA studies from the skeletons of Indus valley has proved that all Indians have genetic similarities with those people but neither south Indians and nor North Indians are pure descendents of people of Indus valley…. The recent excavation in Sinauli has proved that both Indus valley and vedic civilization were parallel civilization… And infact the way modern Hinduism has developed into seems to be a mixture of both Aryan and Indus valley civilization….. Aryans started worshipping Siva & Mother goddess, people of Indus valley started worshiping fire, earth, water sun etc

  21. The overly-simplified British interpretation of "caste" and the system how it operates is a foreign Spanish/Portuguese concept. Hinduism is very flexible and has no central governing body to dictate and thus has the ability to evolve with time.

    In ancient Hinduism no one get's their Varna decided by birth, the person gets to decide their varna as he/she reaches their full maturity.

    and this means a brahmin can be a sudra and a sudra can be a brahmin (everything depends on merit).

    and don't mix up Dharma with Abraham, natural religion with man-made-dominated bogus cultic religions. 🙏

  22. Caucasians (Europeans) created Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, Africa to divide and rule the population, and for this reason, the Rwanda Genocide occurred.

    The same attempts and inequalities Europeans also tried to create amongst Indians by separating Northern India and Southern India into "Aryans" VS "Dravidians" and further dividing Hinduism into 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes.

  23. Please people, please kindly educate yourself with Sinauli Excavation , Roma Gypsys , Saraswati River , etc

    Also, the term is 'Arya' has derived from the mother of all India-European language Sanskrit , and 'Arya' means 'Nobel' or 'Nobility'' and it is not a race in Sanskrit.

    Conclusion: The human race and culture have originated from India and Afrika and have spread all across Europe, and the Americas.

    Even today Indians are migrating to all parts of the world and kept the tradition.

    Thank You.

  24. My skin is fair and my brother skin is dark ….. as per British and Sadhuguru, I am Aryan and my brother is Dravidian 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  25. OMG! Never expected this from Sadhguru. How can I explain to Sadhguru that Krishna, Kunti, Draupathi, Vyasa and so many important character in Mahabharat or Dark skinned people. And Raksasha was the title generally given to people who are cannibals and not given to people because of there skin color or race.
    Even the wisest men can subscribe to the stupidest theories. I mean if Tamils once lived up north, they must have mentioned it on at least few of there literature works and there are thousands of them yet we found nothing about this Aryan vs Dravidian in any old literature. I respect Sadhguru immensely but he is just completely wrong this one.

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