What 🇵🇰 Pakistani Know About 🇧🇩 Bangladesh & Liberation War | NonStop Videos
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What 🇵🇰 Pakistani Know About 🇧🇩 Bangladesh & Liberation War | NonStop Videos

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After a long time we came back with a new international collaboration video. This time we are collaborating with Pakistani YouTube channel Election Box. .


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33 thoughts on “What 🇵🇰 Pakistani Know About 🇧🇩 Bangladesh & Liberation War | NonStop Videos

  1. So Sad but you are asking from those who don't even know about there own country…Now this is very unfortunate most of our youth don't know much about Bangladesh….If we talk about past…thing were not easy Bengali People play a vital role in creation of Pakistan but after independence Pakistani Govt focuses more on west Pakistan than east also had many issues like one about language and at that time India play big role is doing propaganda than it came 1970 which clearly shows the differences between east and west…most seat is east Pakistan won by Mujeeb and most seat in west Pakistan won by Traitor butto…Combine Mujeeb won 160 and butto won 81…And clearly as pr constitution Mujeeb was new PM…But butto didn't admit his defeat. Mujeeb was arrested…outrage in Bangladesh. Biggest mistake was made by deploying army against own people…Bengali start fighting against army… India support separatist movement provide training and weapons….And even at that time people of west Pakistan were unaware of all those suffering of East Pakistan….No one in Pakistan hate Bangladesh infect we don't have aright but we always feel a connection we always hate those who were responsible of this separation…On the other hand their are many element in Bangladesh who are still doing propaganda against Pakistan ….1st you dont got independence from us you asperate from us….Second 3 million people Seriously…!!!! That's not possible that 30 lac people were killed in 1 year you dont have an evidence of even few thousand….but at that time you were Pakistani and you stand against you own country your own army what did you aspect…and also accusation of rapes were totally false just propaganda…But what happen is the most sad incident in the history of Pakistan still make us emotion we always that remember as a black day…we regret we apologize…In Pakistan no one I repeat NO ONE have a bit of hate against Bangladeshi people or Bangladesh…WE WANT THE ONE COUNTRY PAKISTAN SHOULD HAVE MOST CLOSE RELATION IS BANGLADESH…💖

  2. আপনি মনে হয় একটু বেশি পাকিস্তানের হেলে পড়েছেন, বাংলাদেশ নিয়ে ভিডিও করবেন আশা করছি

  3. We had a double bond of nationality and Islamic brother hood with the then westpakistanis in the state of pakistan before 1971.,Now I am aged enough to my 75,still,don't understand why yahyah,Bh
    utto,decided to kill our people,disarmed Bengali soldiers,smashed our police force, deployed westpakistani solders,Ash
    colour dressed Lahore police,formed 75000(from pak media report)rajakar,
    Albador, alshams(Jamat and bihari youngsters) against us.??We were claiming our right nothing else.DC Cumilla a csp was gundown at pologrou
    nd,of cumilla cantt among with others etc etc
    Such a large scale of brutality fails to show a sense of feelings by our
    PAKISTANI brothers.
    Verily, I understand they cannot open their mouths against Army,and PPP.
    Participants wholehearte
    d,lovely opinion encourag
    ed us.we faced the worst
    long ago,Now may prepare for the best from you.Allah Hafiz.

  4. পাকিস্তানের প্রতি মন থেকে ভালোবাসা আসে না। ১৯৭১ সালে আমাদের প্রতি বর্বরোচিত আচরণ করার পরেও ওরা এখনও ক্ষমা চায়নি।

  5. This ghazal was written by Naseer Turabi(Pakistani),expressing his sorrow and sadness of the secession of East Pakistan now Bangladesh .
    English Translation:

    "When we parted ways,
    Neither you cried nor I,
    But, what is this,
    A peaceful sleep since,
    Has not touched our eyes?

    He was my companion,
    But not in harmony were we,
    Like the clouds and sunlight,
    Together but as apart as can be.

    There were feelings of animosity,
    And anguish between us,
    My departed lover, had been everything,
    (But) hadn't had unfaithfulness.

    Last time I looked into his eyes,
    My poetry reflected back at me,
    Verses, that which I had never,
    Recited to anyone"

    Lyrics in Urdu:

    "Tark-e-taluqat pe roya na tu na main,
    Lekin ye kya ke chain se soya na tu na main.

    Woh humsafar tha magar us say humnawaayi na thi ,
    Keh dhoop chayon ka alam raha, judaayi na thi.

    Adawatain theen, taghaful tha, ranjishain theen magar,
    Bicharne walay mai sab kuch tha, bewafayi na thi.

    Bichartay waqt bhi un aankhon mai thi humari ghazal,
    Ghazal bhi woh jo kisi ko kabhi sunayi na thi"

  6. some Indians who are feeling pain in their ass for them it is that today's generation are watching right now what are you doing to us,loving or harming,from many way obviously harming and biggest threat on our sovereignty,this generation not gonna see your past shit,they are gonna see this day,today,that's why most of the bangladeshi hates India for today's karma

  7. Pakistanis, this is why Bangladesh got rid of your country in 1971.

    Video title: ABC News USA – Report – March 26 (2), 1971 Bangladesh

    Channel: Mohammad Rahman Jalal

    The establishment and army of West Pakistan forced Bengalis to secede from your country. Don’t blame India when the establishment of West Pakistan didn’t give Bengalis their basic rights in the first place.

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