Why was India split into two countries? – Haimanti Roy
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Why was India split into two countries? – Haimanti Roy

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Dig into the 1947 Partition of India, when Britain split the region into two states, India and Pakistan, and the mass migrations and violence that followed. .


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43 thoughts on “Why was India split into two countries? – Haimanti Roy

  1. Well this isn't excatly why India was partitioned it's just one version where they can blame British for it. Hindu's and Muslims coexisted before EIC is a lie that's been repeatedly told to generations in India for political reasons the islamic invasions of northern India in 11th century to hindu and sikh rebellions of 15th and 16th century was the bloodiest period of Indian history.
    People need to understand reality although British draw the borders it wasn't their idea.

  2. Every time I watch a video oversimplifying history it makes me sad for humanity.
    So it was the English that divided the Indians by their religious affiliations? Really?

    ''They coexisted in peace prior to that'', oh really? Tell me again how was the Mughal empire founded?
    Was it by singing songs? What about the way Hindus treated Sikhs throughout century, or the terrible caste system they imposed onto less ''fortunate'' souls? This video is way too biased for my taste.

  3. legit the beginning of the video, Its not just India but also Pakistan that got independence against bri'ish

    Edit: I didn't watch the whole vid when I typed this in,
    but now I have so now I know the full story

  4. This explains alot & we never got taught about this in the West. I knew India wanted freedom & the revolutionary Indian independence movement under Subhas Chandra Bose joined the Axis powers & so many others fought in Europe & Asia against axis powers. Seems the British are the main reason India & Pakistan hate one another. To think if they took time & did it right maybe we would not see such animosity.

  5. Let me add to story here. The state of haiderabada dakkan and juna garh was also part of Pakistan. Which was snatched by india using its military power in early days of division. Similarly the map showed here is also incorrect. As Kashmir is also divided into 2 parts, 1 is Pakistan controlled and other is India controlled. But in map it is showed as part of india. It should be shown as disputed territory, and a separate independent state. And referendum should be held now to resolve this 70 years old issue to give people of kasmir basic human rights they deserve.

  6. As a white man of polish and irish decent, British people caused such a deep scar on global social structures, that I cannot even be separated from their central ideas on the basis on my skin color, despite also being one of the many who's ancestors suffered on the same level, I hope for a time when the view of such historic actions comes from the basis of science and reality, rather that easy associations based upon similarities of vastly different people.

  7. It’s true britishers are, I bet, embarrassed to teach their generation this all. If only had the mughal empire stayed for longer, the once subcontinent would’ve been the strongest in this entire world. When they call it the “rich mughal empire” they don’t just talk about money but the rich fertile lands to exotic cuisines, architectural work, brilliant governance and education to talented people, no one would ever have dared to say a word against Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It’s not the grudge we (Pakistanis) hold against India but the regret and guilt of how? Just how did we go against in mere seconds because of a third party, eventually wasting the once strong bond of centuries between us. I’m not sure about India but the struggle our people had to face is undeniably painful to hear. The bloodshed, screams, people losing their families, seeing their beloved ones die right in front of their eyes, I’ve been taught this since I was born and has every other person in Pakistan. And this is what makes our nation so strong and brave because we fight in the name of Islam, we do not care to die because it’s our motto; ‘it’s either victory or either shahadat’, something that makes our country’s army the most bravest army in the world. We don’t fight with weapons we fight with the strength Allah gives us which is, indeed, stronger than any weapon.

    La illaha illallah muhammadur rasool ulah
    Pakistan Zinbadad! 🇵🇰

  8. No matter how many achievements they accomplish, the British will be always be known infamously for colonizing and bringing hatred towards nations. Sure, the modern technologies that we have now is because of them, but the political and religious hate among nations and religions which is keeping us from achieving so many things were caused by them too! We will never forget the torture our ancestors had to go through because of them.

  9. I am Korean and I can tell this is SCARILY similar to what happened after Independence of Korea. Japanese troops withdrew and we separated… Also I just realized two Independence Days share same date(15/8)

  10. I'm Indian but my family divides into 3 parts….

    30% of my family lives in India….
    10% lives in Bangladesh (sisters of my grandmother)

    And about 60% of my family lives in Pakistan (کراچی) as my great grandfather was the only one from his family who has not left the country, cause he died in Calcutta riots due to which my family is still living in India, but all of his brother and sister his uncles and aunts left India due to fear of death, because they already lost my great grandfather in a riot and they don't want to die….

    Fortunately My great grandmother did not joins them and started living with his son-in-law in bihar…..
    And that's how we settled in India…..

    After that we are happy to be a part of this mighty homeland of the great India….

  11. My great grandfather was the owner of a garment mill in Calcutta…..
    During the time of partition every one stops him to go there, but he goes, maybe the angel of death was waiting for him….
    After 2 days his family got the news, mohammad azmat mallick died in Calcutta riots….

    The family who owns a garment mill, who were so rich, who owns 40 bighas of land, who owns a big house spreading across an area of 4000 square feet….
    All the things which I mentioned were snatched by some of our greedy relatives….
    My grandfather and his elder brother were just 8 and 16 that time, and my great grandmother was an illiterate women….
    Due to this my greedy relatives, give her some paper to sign and snatch all our property in a period of few months……

    Thanks to some of our good relatives, like my grandfather's uncle gives him his house and some land, and then he leaved to Karachi were he owns a medium sized mall in present…….

  12. We are Living in the Indian state of bihar….
    My grandma told me that at the time of partition she was 7-8 years old….
    Their village was surrounded by hindu vilages, due to which they afraid a lot….
    She remembers something that, few of her friends and cousins were forced to married some hindu guys, and after which they never return back to their home….

    She still remember the way she hides near the river, with her 4 year old brother….

    She still remember those sounds of fear….

    She still remember those dying people…..

    So sad for the ones who lost their lives hindus or Muslims….

  13. This video does the exact thing what the British did back in the 19th century – Oversimplify and Obfuscate. Here is a small statistic. Hindu population in Pakistan has dwindled from 13%+ in 1947 to 1.8% today. At the same time Muslim population in India increased from 9% to 16% today. Now go figure.

  14. We need to learn from history, enemy try to divide us (asia) by fake news to make us weak and taking a profit from that opportunity, but i believe we will survive and become a big and proud Asia once more. My best wish for us, Asia people and country .

  15. I always heard stories of partition from my grandfather who heard it from my great grandfather. So they say that my great grandfather used to be super rich, so much that he had bricks of gold hidden. But was forced to leave Pakistan on gunpoint. He also had a hotel type thing for that time and that hotel ran even after him leaving and the current owner used to send letters about it(few are still with us). Also few years after when there was a little peace he went to Pakistan again but all his money(treasure) was dug out.

  16. I feel that the partition was a mistake, if India had stayed undivided the whole country would be in an even better position than each part is today, that partition was such a good idea and necessary at the time is not correct in my opinion.

  17. The reason of division of India was existential threat posed to Muslins by Hindu majority.
    Bangladesh came into existence due to existential threat posed by west Pakistan
    Khalistan will come into being due to existential threat of Hindu majority posed Sikhs.
    Asam and seven sisterly states will become independent.
    Jona Garrh will also become independent.
    Kashmir will also become independent
    South India will also become an independent country.
    Goa will be liberated.
    Then sub continent will become an economic union like European Union.

  18. I recall learning about this in a world cultures class when I was younger. It should be no surprise that when mapmakers know little about a region, they draw lines that will inevitably create conflict. I think students today need to watch videos like this to get background information on foreign countries. They might think if they're studying for a geography test that all it is is memorization, but if they learn a story about the region, it will help them learn & recall a lot easier. If someone were to ask me where Pakistan is, I'd easily be able to point to it, because I know it's west of India because it used to be a part of India…I think of this story.

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